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Foxes and Ravens

Hobbit Skirt Hike

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Hobbits love being outside! Whether they are tending to the flowers in their garden, growing vegetables or dancing all the way home after an evening at the Green Dragon, they love the feeling of the earth underfoot! 

For that to happen, they need their furry feet free from long layers! Luckily, our skirt hikes are perfect for keeping feet free for all adventures in the Shiredom!

Not just for Hobbits though - are skirt hikes are perfect for adding to any outfit with long skirt and/or layers, to add that cottage core aesthetic!  

This will fit on any of our belts. We recommend pairing it with our Hobbit Ring Belt or Hobbit Cincher complete the look.

Lovingly crafted by hand with biodegradable veg tan leather, leather lace, eco friendly dyes, and made to order. We will ship your items at the end of the month.