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Foxes and Ravens

Hobbit Ring Belt

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One ring to rule them all... my precious... no wait, not that kind of ring! This belt is a simple, easy to wear addition to any Ren Faire or Cottagecore look, with adorable little leaves to add just a hint of whimsical flair.

1 inch wide with a tail at least 4 inches long, made from 1/8 inch, biodegradable leather.

This belt comes with a blank end tip as standard, but you can add a leaf design to the end for a small additional cost. 

Lovingly crafted by hand with biodegradable veg tan leather, leather lace, eco friendly dyes, and made to order. We will ship your items at the end of the month. 

Mushroom pendant from A Gift by Gaia, @giftbygaiauk