What We're All About

I created Foxes & Ravens because I love making things for other people. It's extraordinarily satisfying for me to work with people to envision their dream, then to make that dream a reality, and watch their face light up with joy when they see it.

While I try to come up with products I think many people will love, my main passion is Custom Work. That can mean a custom piece, with it's own particular construction, but I especially excel and revel in custom tooling and designs. Each piece is made-to-order anyway, so why not make it so it suits you perfectly? 

I'm definitely an artisan, not a salesman, so I never envisioned my store having items "in stock"; perhaps on occasion, such as for a festival or event, I might pre-prepare some items, but for day-to-day operations, everything is handmade after I get your input; your size, your design and color preferences, maybe even a little background on the character it's for!

I care deeply about authenticity and honesty, and thrive on real connections with my customers. This is not just a store front for stuff ordered from a factory, I'm a real human being, who wants to work together with you to create something you'll always cherish.