About the Shop

We're here to bring a little magic to your life.

Foxes and Ravens started in 2016 as an Etsy store. Our founder, Pip, began making Viking inspired accessories for themselves and friends doing reenactment. After creating several custom pieces, referral commissions began through word of mouth.
In 2019 Foxes and Ravens started making more fantasy inspired collections, and in 2020 our Shopify based store was opened. With the help of lots of magical friends in our community on Instagram, we've somehow become an internationally recognized brand, which is just wild. We've been able to expand our team to give magical job opportunities to many Goblins and Gremlins.
Our goal is to bring together traditional and artisanal skills and inspiration from fantasy, imagination, and storytelling, to give you something both meaningful and magical.

Meet the Team

A young non-binary hobbit wearing a hat growing mushrooms

Owner/Master Craftsman Pip

A young woman with dark hair wearing a black corset and orange skirt in front of a lake

Azuna: Marketing Gremlin and Photoshop Wizard

A young elf woman with red hair and a wry smile

Faeryn: Marketing Gremlin and Lore Crafter

a smiling, bearded guy with leatherworking tools

Max: Grumpy Nasty Goblin @grumpy.nasty.goblin

Flo: Floopsy Goblin @there.once.was.a.floops

A young man in a white shirt and baseball cap making a belt

Raf: Silly Silly Goblin @silly.silly.goblin

Chris: Happy Dopey Goblin @happy.dopey.goblin

A young woman smiling cutely holding up a small pumpkin pouch that she made

Ali: Helpy Sexy Goblin