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Foxes and Ravens

Wanderer's Dagger Bracers

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You're sneaking through the underbrush, surrounding the enemy camp, bow and arrow at the ready... when suddenly, you hear footsteps behind you! Too close to shoot, you have to grab one of your daggers!

Have these Calimacil throwing daggers always at the ready with these customizable bracers. Perfect for rogues and rangers, scouts and scoundrels.

The bracers have no tooling, but they're still stylish, with a speckled pattern available in black, brown or tan. Daggers included!

Lovingly crafted by hand and made to order, it takes us about 2-3 weeks to create each piece.

Made with 1/8 in thick leather, metal buckles and rivets, and Calimacil foam. We use eco-friendly dyes!

Looking for the standard Wanderer's Bracers?