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Foxes and Ravens

Wanderer's Archery Bracer

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For the casual, wandering warrior, looking to swing a sword, or sling some arrows.  Protect yourself from harm and look flawless while kickin' your enemies in the cod piece!

Fellow archers know that the sport itself is extremely fun but having fantasy equipment makes you feel like you came right out of world of warcraft, achieved your highest rank, got the best gear possible and are not only unbelievably good at it but also look the part!

This is a single bracer for the arm that grips your bow (can be worn on either arm).

Lovingly crafted by hand and made to order, it takes us about 2-3 weeks to create each piece.

Made with 95% biodegradable materials: veg tan leather, oily leather, metal buckles and rivets, and waxed nylon thread