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The Witch of the Woods Bag

The Witch of the Woods Bag

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The Witch of the Woods
Deep in the heart of the wood, lived three women, they said.
Sometimes the old hag would come to the village, and folk would ask her to tell them the future.

Sometimes the motherly one would arrive, and the villagers would crowd around to ask her for poultices and remedies, for they knew she was the best healer.

And other times the youngest, a beautiful maiden, would skip through the town, a crown of flowers in her hair, and she would laugh and lead the children in a merry dance.
The three women visited the village often, but rarely did the townsfolk venture to their cottage in the wood.

Oddly, the few who did, out of desperation to know their future, or to seek a cure, or to chase the beautiful maiden... they never saw more than one of them in the cottage.

For you see, there were no witches three, but only one.