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Foxes and Ravens

Dryad's Spear Belt

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For those seeking to channel the magic of the forest, you must seek out these beautifully crafted pieces from the bark of the Woods of Wyrd's trees. The Dryads might decorate it with the signature leaves of the Hollow Tree, or even grow mushrooms on it if you ask nicely!

In order to make sure the belt fits you perfectly, measure your waist and choose the appropriate size from the size chart. Our sizes for belts match your actual measurements, so if you want the corset to give you a smaller waist, size down! The smallest measurement in a size is with the panels touching, and the largest is with some space between the panels totaling 4" (so 2 inches on each side).

This belt is sturdy, made with 1/8 to 1/4in thick leather, and is very adjustable, with two laces on either side of the central panel.

Will you make yours unique and decorate it with leaves or perhaps allow the Dryads to sprout some mushrooms on the bark?

Please make your bark color selection and your selection of oak, maple, or ivy leaves, if you desire. For an additional fee shelf mushrooms can be added.

This product is lovingly crafted by hand out of biodegradable leather and eco friendly dyes. After your order is placed, it will be in the post by the end of the month in which you have ordered.