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Foxes and Ravens

The Hobbit Pipe and Trinket Case

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Smoke drifts gently through the air, as you puff out a bit of Old Toby, and sigh contentedly. The sweet aromas of the pipe-weed fill you with peace, as you open up your wee pipe case, and tuck away your precious pipe. In there are some interesting acorns and pine cones you fancied as well, along with your packet of Old Toby. Latching the clasp, you know your trinkets are safe.

This little treasure chest style case is perfect for storing little odds and ends on your dresser or night stand. With a swing clasp on the front to easily open and lock it, and leather "hinges", this case is homey and cozy. Available in multiple lengths, to fit your pipe and trinket needs!

This product is lovingly crafted by hand after your order is placed, and will be shipped around the end of the month it is ordered, the Friday before the Portals reopen.