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Foxes and Ravens

The Adventurers Utility Waist Cincher

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An adventurer must be prepared for anything--which usually means having a belt full of pouches and trinkets! From scabbards, to tankards, to coin purses, there's so much to keep on your person... so why not have a belt just for that!

This is waist cincher with utility, both beautiful and useful! Handy rings that you can hang things from or use to hike up a skirt (or as a garter belt, should you wish). With the laces on the side, you can put it around your waist or your hips.

The Adventurer's Gear is a design of your choice, with a single color dye. For multiple colors, please see our Elite Adventurer's Gear!

Made from sturdy, quarter inch thick veg tan leather, with a leather lace and metal D-rings. We use eco-friendly dyes!