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Foxes and Ravens

Skoll and Hati Circle Pouch

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Skoll is the name of the wolf
Who follows the shining priest
Into the desolate forest,
And the other is Hati,
Hróðvitnir’s son,
Who chases the bright bride of the sky.

Skoll and Hati are the wolves from Norse Mythology that chase the sun and moon, and on the day of Ragnarok, finally catch them.

These cute little pouches have a wide range of uses, while being perfectly adaptable for several different styles. For medieval feasts, Ren Faires, fairy picnics, or elven LARP characters - it can be styled for every event! The pouch is roomy enough for coins, your dnd dice sets, or even a rune set. 

The dimensions are about 2.75"x2.75"x2.75", and can hold roughly a handful of whatever.