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Foxes and Ravens

Runic Witch Leather Corset

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Use Runic Magic to call on the favor of the Gods with this Pagan Witch Corset.

This is a runic variation of the Hedgewitch Corset, featuring Vegvisir (also called the Viking/Stave Compass), the Helm of Awe (also known as the Helm of Terror), and runic inscriptions for Odin, Thor, Tyr, Freyr, and Freya.

Lovingly crafted by hand and made to order, it takes us about 2-3 weeks to create each piece before shipping. In order to make sure the corset fits you perfectly, I’ll need measurements of your underbust, waist, and hips, as well as the length from your underbust to your hips.

This underbust corset is made of veg tan leather, with a tooled design on the front panel, stained and dyed, with leather laces. Different color schemes are also available!

Foxy friend: @livkae_