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Foxes and Ravens

Oak Leaf Corset Belt

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A gorgeous corset belt for a faerie or a druid, or any other wild and whimsical creature of the forest: elves, witches, even hobbits! It's the perfect addition to your Autumn and summer outfits and will turn every style into a magical cottage core vibe!

The layered leaves make it look extravagant, while wearing it feels like a tight hug from nature. 

You can orient the leaves climbing upwards or downward, for two magical looks. 

Lovingly crafted by hand and made to order from veg tan leather with a leather lace, it takes us about 2-3 weeks to create each piece. In order to make sure the corset belt fits you perfectly, measure your waist and choose the appropriate size from the size chart. Ask us about custom sizing or color scheme if you need it!