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Foxes and Ravens

Filigree 7 Panel Corset

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Harpsichord music gently wafts through the air, as you sip tea in a regal portrait gallery, surrounded by lavish lords and ladies of the court whispering secrets. Later, you sneak down to the tavern, and catch the eye of the bard, as they pluck their lute amidst the clamor of braggarts armed with rapiers.

Feel at home in a portrait gallery or a renaissance tavern with this simple yet elegant belt. You can go for warmer tones to have a charming Foxfolk look, or darker ones for a gothic Ravenkin vibe. Great for academia looks as well.

In order to make sure the corset fits you perfectly, measure your waist and choose the appropriate size selection. For corsets and laced waist cinchers, we suggest going a size smaller if you're on the border between two sizes.

This underbust corset is lovingly crafted by hand with a tooled design on the front panel and made to order to fit you perfectly with biodegradable veg tan leather, leather lace, and colored with eco friendly dyes. After your order is placed, it will be in the post by the end of the month in which you have ordered.

The Bard of Foxford: @ginaxandu , follow her on instagram for more amazing fantasy photoshoots