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Foxes and Ravens

Elf Waist Cincher

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The Elves of the Elder Grove long ago developed a Language of the Trees; not necessarily a language of runes, but rather elegant forms intertwining with one another. These knotworks could bind arboreal magic to an object, so they could carry the forest with them wherever they went. The elves rarely share this magic, but they will occasionally craft an item for faeries, witches, hobbits, or other creatures and characters who want a piece of the Woods of Wyrd.

If you're about to marry your soulmate and don't want a traditional wedding but one full of magic and enchantement, the Elf Waist Cincher will make you the most beautiful Elfish Princess you ever dreamt of. Realize best day of your life- your fantasy wedding in a hand crafted Elven Belt.

This Elven Waist Cincher features elegant knotwork entwined in ivy leaves. It can go around your waist, or around your hips, and you can have many different color combinations: Brown background with green vines and orange leaves, or blue background with white vines and green leaves... anything that you can imagine! 

Lovingly crafted by hand and made to order to fit you perfectly, it takes us about 2-3 weeks to create each piece.

Foxfolk models: @laurendoescosplay and @catinawitchhat

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