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Foxes and Ravens

Elven Archery Quiver

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If elves are anything, they are patient. That's what makes them such good scouts and hunters. They don't just listen for their quarry, they listen to the forest itself: the animals who run away, the birds that sound warning calls, the whisper of disturbed branches. Waiting until the right moment to draw and nock an arrow...

Complete your elf or forest scout look with this elegant, hand tooled quiver.

With adjustable straps, this style of quiver is good for wearing on your back, or can be converted to a hip quiver. The form is inspired by Turkish hip quivers as well as English back quivers, and of course, by fantasy films such as Lord of the Rings.

The lace up style means it's easy to modify and can even be unlaced and rolled up for easier transport.

Featuring a tunic from @tatteredpixie, follow them on instagram for more magical and whimsical clothing!