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Foxes and Ravens

Celtic Witchcraft Artpack

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Looking for some ideas for designs to decorate your leather projects with? With moons, triskelions, leaves, the greenman face, and ogham, this pack has two pages of mystical, celtic designs for your projects.

They are scaled to a size that's reasonable for tooling, but feel free to make them larger or just a little smaller (but not too much or you won't be able to do the fine details!)
I recommend using Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF.

To use the designs, you can wet the leather, place the printed design onto your piece, and trace over the lines with a pencil or stylus. Alternatively, you can place tracing paper over the printed design, trace with a pencil, then place the tracing paper face down over your dry piece of leather, and rub with a fingernail or other hard smooth object to transfer the pencil marks to the leather.

I do not provide advice or instructions on how to do leather tooling, however I can offer a private lesson if you would like me to teach you the basics.