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Foxes and Ravens

The Adventurer's Spaulders / Pauldrons

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For those who are brave enough to charge into battle! These pauldrons are a must for any warrior or fighter. They can be combined with our Cross-Chest Harness or our Gorget (not included), or they can be worn on their own with a strap attachment (however if this option is chosen, they can no longer be worn properly with our gorget or shoulder harness).

Some of the photos show the Pauldrons combined with our Adventurer's Over-the-Elbow Bracers and some chainmail (not available in the shop).

Lovingly crafted by hand with 8in thick biodegradable veg tan leather, metal buckles and rivets, and eco-friendly dye this will be made to order to fit you perfectly.

You can upload a design, or simply describe what you would like, and we'll work together to create the pieces your heart desires. All of our Adventurer's items are made to order by hand so in order for us to take on your custom project you must select a date for us to begin working on it. It takes us about 2-3 weeks to create each piece after the selected starting date.

Not looking for a custom design? Check out The Wander's version!