The Market of Mysteries


As you walk down a cobblestone lane, you turn a corner and behold a glow of light, and flurry of activity. On one side of the road, colorful streamers and fairy lights dance above bustling booths; On the other side, arcane lanterns pulse, and an eerie mist curls around luxurious caravans.

What wonders will you discover?


Nestled between Foxford and Corvix, the Market of Mysteries is as ephemeral as it is enchanting. It comes but once a year, filled with sights and sounds of wonder, merriment, and seasonal joy.

But what actually is the Market of Mysteries? It is a selection of magical artisans and vendors coming together to bring you a marvelous ensemble, just in time for the holiday season!

Not sure exactly what you’d like or what that special someone in your life needs? Well not to worry! The magical vendors sense what trinkets and treasures should find their way to you, and have put together a selection of their wares, conveniently all in one box for your enjoyment. 

These boxes will be $250 each, and will go on sale for one week, starting November 26th, aka Small Business Saturday.

There’s only one choice you have to make: Will you be getting a Fox Box filled with whimsical wonders? Or will you be getting the Raven Box, containing mystical magics? Don't take too long to make up your mind, as there are a limited quantity: Only 10 Fox Boxes and 10 Raven Boxes will be made!

 The Fox Box of Foxford

The goodies from the Foxford side of the market will include embroidered delights from Knock Thrice, mini mushies from Acadian Mushrooms, nature-inspired talismans from A Gift by Gaia, and something leafy for our Foxfolk.

The Raven Box of Corvix

The Corvix side promises to be more mystical: a potion and trinket from Dead Wrath and Beyond, shimmering craniums from Luna Corvus, esoteric jewelry from Folkloress, and something wickedly witchy for our Ravenkin.


There's one more exciting twist!

Each of the artisans is adding an extra special item to the mix, worth almost the entire value of the box! We will swap out the usual item for this extra special item in four of the ten boxes, meaning you have a 4 in 10 chance of getting something extra special in your box from one of these incredible artisans (including yours truly).

In one of the ten Raven Boxes:

Dead Wrath and Beyond will be adding an exclusive, small dagger.

Luna Corvus will be adding a magical crystal crown.

Folkloress will be adding a Cauldron Necklace with grape agate bubbles.

And Foxes & Ravens will be adding a never-before-seen Witch of the Woods Journal.

In one of the ten Fox Boxes:

A Gift by Gaia will be adding a large woodland talisman.

Knock Thrice will be adding a foxy, hand embroidered beret.

Acadian Mushrooms will be adding a mushroom wall hanging.

And Foxes & Ravens will be adding a never-before-seen Fairy Leaf Journal.

We hope to see you this magical holiday season at the Market of Mysteries!