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Foxes and Ravens

The Elite Adventurer's Archery Quiver

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An adventurer should hunt and scout in style, with a quiver that's as stylish as it is practical. 

Custom tooling *and painting* is available for the top and bottom pieces. We're currently offering the main body of the quiver in brown or black. The photos are of our regular Adventurer's Quiver, the Elite Adventurer's Quiver can be a variety of colors as well as a custom tooled design.

With adjustable straps, this style of quiver is good for wearing on your back, or can be converted to a hip quiver. The form is inspired by Turkish hip quivers as well as English back quivers, and of course, by fantasy films such as Lord of the Rings.

You can upload a design, or simply describe what you would like, and we'll work together to create the pieces your heart desires. All of our Adventurer's items are lovingly crafted by hand so in order for us to take on your custom project you must select a date for us to begin working on it. It takes us about 2-3 weeks to create each piece after the selected starting date.

The lace up style means it's easy to modify and can even be unlaced and rolled up for easier transport.

Prefer to have a single color for this piece? Check out the standard Adventurer’s version!

Ravenkin model: @folklori_