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Foxes and Ravens

The Elite Adventurer's Archery Belt Quiver

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Shoot at home or the range in style, with this customizable hip quiver!

You can have tooled and painted designs along the entire quiver, although be advised that for very complex designs, we have to charge extra. The depicted design is about the amount of detail included in the listed price.

Two belt holes allow you to thread your belt through the quiver, to sit snugly on your hips. The 45˚ angle makes it easy to draw your arrows, and you can choose the length you want the quiver to be. The pocket can easily hold a dozen arrows, and up to about 30 maximum.

The quiver is laced up two sides so that it can be unlaced and rolled up for easier transport, and to reduce shipping costs. 

The belt slide hanger is 6 inches long, the belt holes are 2 inches long, and the length of the quiver is measured from the tip of the curve, to the base (the longest part of the body, not the other shorter side).