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Foxes and Ravens

The Elite Adventurer's Archery Bracer

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All the bully rooks with their buskin boots, best go faster than mine arrow! Every bow-wielding adventurer needs to protect themself from the archer's curse: their own bowstring! Keep your eye on the target and never be stung by your bowstring again.

Emblazon your bracer with the crest of your guild, clan or family, some celtic knotwork, or plant patterns.

You can upload a design, or simply describe what you would like, and we'll work together to make the archery bracer your heart desires. Lovingly crafted by hand, and made to order to fit you perfectly, it takes us about 2-3 weeks to create after the selected starting date.

Prefer to have a single color for this piece? Check out the standard Adventurer’s version!

The depicted design is a compass rose.
This is a single bracer for the arm that grips your bow (can be worn on either arm).

Made with 95% biodegradable materials: veg tan leather, oily leather, metal buckles and rivets, and waxed nylon thread

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