My Story

Nora Fox in the Forest

Hello there! My name is Nora, and I'm a self-taught leathercrafter originally from the Boston area.

I fell in love with leathercrafting after my mom bought me a kit for tooling. I love how tough and natural leather is, especially veg-tan leather. Soon after I tried my first projects, I joined a Viking reenactment group, and it seemed logical that I would continue making leather items for reenactment. I learned how to make tough gloves suitable for combat, turn shoes, as

well as pouches, belts, and other paraphernalia. I called my shop Foxes and Ravens, because 1) I love foxes, and 2) I love Huginn and Munnin, Odin's two ravens representing Thought and Memory. 

But my greatest love in leathercrafting has always been Tooling, and there just isn't a lot of tooling in Viking reenactment: in fact, there's not a lot of leather items found from the Viking period, because it's such a biodegradable material. I also realized that while reenactment is very authentic and educational, there's not a lot

of emphasis on fun. I decided I wanted to try LARP; I always loved theater, costuming, and fantasy stories, so LARP seemed right up my alley. In the summer of 2019, I made a bunch of more fantasy themed things to take to Bicolline, allowing myself to get much more creative with my tooling!

I found that the artisans I admire the most, however, are not people making armor and costumes for LARP, but rather, people making fairy and nature-inspired things. I've always been enchanted by fae creatures: fairies, dryads, gnomes, centaurs, nymphs, druids... any magical creature related to the forest. It's been the most challenging development for me, but by far the most rewarding and creative, to invent my own nature-inspired designs.

Fairy/faerie/fae waist cincher

Unlike reenactment and LARP, there's not a lot of existing fae designs in leather, so I have to get really creative and really understand how to make things that inspire me. I've discovered that it's not good enough to make stuff with fairies on them; I want to create things that seem like fairies would make and wear themselves!